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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recovery CDs

HP no longer provides any Recovery CDs or DVDs, rather they provide a piece of paper with the image of a CD to remind you to create a set of Recovery CDs or DVDs!

Upon starting Windows, the PC Recovery Disc Creator application will prompt to create a set of three Recovery DVDs (4.7 GB). Or, for those that did not opt for a DVD Writer (and yes, there is such an option), then 14x CD-Rs are required! It's crazy that I should need to a) buy the media, b) spend the time burning the disks and c) spend the time testing them!

Worse still, upon creating one set of the disks, it is no longer possible to create a second set. Apparently, this is a legal requirement from Microsoft.

It was easy to find the complaints on the Internet, but not so the solution. Apparently there have been lots of complaints to Gateway, and they have let slip a little tool to re-activate the Recovery Disc creator (search Google for ResetRmc.exe). Tried it, and it works for my HP notebook!

The Recovery software and partition is made by a company called SoftThinks. Theirs is a really unprofessional web-site that does not inspire any confidence, but apparently, many notebook manufacturers use their software. Microsoft has a WinPE presentation which mentions the SoftThinks Recovery partition and application.


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