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Friday, August 25, 2006

No IrDA!

Can't believe that HP, pioneer of infra red devices (IrDA) did not include one on this notebook. I use this frequently to sync with my Nokia phone (yes, it's that old and lacks any Blue Teeth).

Actually, the manual clearly shows the location of an "Infrared lens" on the front of the notebook, but it seems to be some proprietary device that works only for the Remote Control. Windows does not see it as an IrDA, and I think it may be identified as an input device!

In fact, some of the Remote Control button function like keys on the keyboard, even in DOS! The emulated keys are: Arrow keys, Enter (Ok button), Alt-Left (funny "up" button), Windows Application key, back (Ctrl-B), forwrad (Ctrl-F), etc . However, some keys are hooked by the driver and automatically trigger pre-defined actions, e.g. Volume Up / Down, Mute, DVD, power, etc.

I'm not happy, even though it's cool that the Remote Control does slots neatly into the ExpressCard slot...


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